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The official version: When Suzannah Rowntree isn’t travelling the world to help out friends in need, she lives in a big house in rural Australia with her awesome parents and siblings, trying to beat her previous number-of-books-read-in-a-year record. She blogs the results at www.vintagenovels.com and is the author of two non-fiction books, The Epic of Reformation: A Guide to the Faerie Queene and War Games: Classic Fiction for the Christian Life. Pendragon’s Heir, her debut novel, springs from her lifelong love of medieval literature. For more information on her books and where to find them, visit the My Books page.

The unofficial version: Hi! Welcome to Vintage Novels! This is where I talk about some of the books I've been reading and some of the books I've been writing. My aim is to provide high-quality book reviews which inspect the worldview assumptions of classic literature in the light of the Word, as well as to reintroduce you to forgotten gems. Enjoy!

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Laura said...

I love your hat! And you.
Miss you!

Laura said...

Bad Grammar, I know! :D

Suzannah said...

I miss you too, and I don't mind your grammar at all!

Laura said...

Thank you!

Elen said...

Just found your blog, it's great! I don't read nearly enough 'classic' or 'vintage' literature these days since I finished studying/teaching at university, so good to get it in a digest form :)

Suzannah said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting, and I'm glad you're enjoying the blog!

Slightly Foxed said...

Hello there

What a great blog! We read your review of 'Knight Crusader' by Ronald Welch and are delighted to let you know that we are reproducing all 12 Carey Novels by Ronald Welch as cloth-bound hardback editions over the next 3 years. 'Knight Crusader', 'The Galleon' & 'For the King' are already available and 'Captain of Foot' is out in March. We'd be so pleased if you could share this news with your readers. More information can be found on our website. Do get in touch if you'd like to know more.

With many thanks and best wishes

Jennie Paterson
Slightly Foxed

Suzannah said...

What wonderful news! I'm so glad to hear it!

sara said...

I would love to subscribe to your blog but I'm not on blogger. Is there another way? The RSS didn't work for me.

Suzannah said...

H'mmm. I'm sorry, Sara, I have the barest of ideas how this thing works :/. I know some of my readers use online blog subscription platforms like Bloglovin. I should test out the RSS feed and see what I can do :)

ChristianVictorianLiterature said...

Great blog, I just subscribed. I agree that classic Christian novels have been buried and contemporary Christian novels are very lacking.... I also seek to unearth class Christian literature on my blog, but I focus on the Victorian era.

Austenne Grey said...

Hi Suzannah,

I'm just dropping a note to say, "Thanks for doing what you're doing!". I have found so much inspiration from your blog that I featured it in the "Inspiration" section of my own blog. You can find it here: http://tomeandnosh.com/inspiration/

I hope that's okay :)

Tome+Nosh is still navigating through humble beginnings (so don't judge too harshly) but, hopefully it will continue to grow.

Thanks for Sharing and All the Best!!


Suzannah said...

Hi, Austenne! Of course that's OK--all the best, and I'm so glad you've found this blog inspiring :)

Unknown said...

I've just torn through about half of your reviews & had to stop to ask if you've read any Ellis Peters? Her Brother Cadfael novels are deservedly famous, but my favorite books of all time are her Heaven Tree trilogy (written under her real name, Edith Pargeter). What I've read of your blog makes me think you'll love them.

Suzannah said...

Hello there! Yes, I have read a number of Ellis Peters' Cadfael mysteries, and I have from time to time collected some of her Edith Pargeter books (which I'm looking forward to reading sometime) but not enough to complete either the Heaven Tree or the Brothers of Gwynedd sets. It's annoying when you only have second and fourth books! Hopefully someday I'll complete my collections and read them :)

Mary Ronan Drew said...

I sent an email to Canon Books to ask if they were going to do more of their wonderful Faerie Queen books and they responded:

"Good afternoon Mary -- Glad you like them! We think they're important ourselves. Yes, actually, we've had Book 3 on hold for quite some time now. Unfortunately, we don't have an estimated release date yet (although I'd like it to be this year). We'll send out an email to our mailing list when it's available for preorder, though!


So there is hope they will finish The Faerie Queen in our lifetime!

I am reading your book as I go along and it's excellent. Thank you for your work.

Anonymous said...

Hello again - I'm the person a few comments up who asked if you'd ever read The Heaven Tree. Your reviews continue to be great, and I was wondering if you'd ever read/heard of The Great and Terrible Quest, by Margaret Lovett? It's a children's book from about sixty years ago that I read as a teenager, when I promptly fell in love with it. It's about the restoration of a lost king to his throne, and it's very low fantasy - takes place in an imaginary medieval kingdom but there's no magic, and the kingdom is obviously squeezed in somewhere on the edge of Germany. Both the main characters spend most of their time in disguise, in several different ways - some of which are apparent, and some are not. It's a great book!


Suzannah said...

Mary - what excellent news! I'll definitely snap it up when it's available!

Maggie - I've heard of that book, but I'd never read it. Thanks for the recce; I'll keep my eye out for it!

Sandy Jordan said...

Judging from your reviews of other novels, I believe you would really like The Prince of Foxes by Samuel Shellabarger. It's a prince of a book.

Sandy Jordan

Suzannah said...

Thanks for commenting, Sandy. I actually made my first acquaintance with Samuel Shellabarger a few months ago, reading his LORD VANITY, which despite some wonderful historical details I found just a little offputting, to be honest. I didn't have plans to try any more of his books, but who knows ;)

Sandy Jordan said...

Thanks for responding, Suzannah. Prince of Foxes is nothing like Lord Vanity and is a far superior novel. I truly believe that you would like it.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to disagree with you on which Shellabarger book is best.... Captain from Castille is my ALL time favorite book.... A must read, you won't be disappointed...

Suzannah said...

:D All right! All right! Maybe I'll have to try another!

Hannah A. Krynicki said...

Hello, Suzannah. Since you share a lot of quotes and other fantastic tidbits, I've tagged you for the Quote Challenge: https://hannahakrynicki.wordpress.com/2016/06/10/quote-challenge-tag-day-one/
Hoping you take it!


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