Friday, April 14, 2017

Poem: Pietá by James McAuley

It's Good Friday, and owing to 2017 being the centenary of the birth of James McAuley, one of my favourite poets, I thought I would find one of his poems to post. It's not quite an Easter poem, but it is written with Easter in mind - so here it is.


A year ago you came
Early into the light.
You lived a day and night,
Then died; no-one to blame.

Once only, with one hand,
Your mother in farewell
Touched you. I cannot tell,
I cannot understand

A thing so dark and deep,
So physical a loss:
One touch, and that was all

She had of you to keep.
Clean wounds, but terrible
Are those made with the Cross.

James McAuley


Anonymous said...

such a gorgeous poem! Love the last line in particular - actually the whole stanza.

Suzannah said...

It is gorgeous--I love how McAuley so often punctuates his poems with something completely breath-taking.

Andrew of the House of Lacey said...

After reading this I followed your link to Credo by James McAuley. What a splendid fellow! Ern Malley Hoax! Gold! For some reason, his poetry (which I must thank you for introducing me to) makes me think of Lucy Maud Montgomery's poems.
Charming - in the full sense of the word


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