Tuesday, March 28, 2017


And...it's finally here! The Death Be Not Proud novella, originally released as part of the Once: Six Historically Inspired Fairytales collection, is now available in illustrated paperback and standalone e-book!

Moonshine liquor, jazz-fuelled dancing, and the risk of a police raid - these are all in a night's work for cabaret singer Ruby Black. But when a rugby star mistakes her for a dead girl, Ruby's life threatens to become briefer and more exciting than she bargained for. 
Two years ago, schoolgirl Wu Xue Bai was brutally murdered. Now, Ruby herself is in danger. Who killed Xue Bai? What lies behind Max Moran's obsession with the dead girl? And will Ruby learn the truth before secrets from her own past catch up with her? 
A fairytale retelling set in Jazz Age New Zealand, inspired by the thrillers of Mary Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock. Novella, approximately 23,000 words. 
$2.99 ebook | $6.99 paperback | Add it on Goodreads

If you haven't read it yet, go and get it! Death Be Not Proud is a bit different to anything I've done so far, and I'm excited to find out if it works for you!

Already read Death Be Not Proud? There are two things you can do that would be an enormous help to me!

First, please head over to the Amazon page and leave a short, honest review. Reviews are marketing gold to indie authors like me, and are absolutely essential in helping me connect with other readers who would enjoy my work.

Second, if you would like to see more of my fairytale novellas in print, do consider buying the paperback, for yourself and/or for a friend! The Rakshasa's Bride paperback, and this one, have been an exercise in paying a little extra for professional editing and illustrations, but unfortunately it means that unless they sell well, they will be the only two I am capable of producing. So, if you would like to see The Prince of Fishes and The Bells of Paradise, as well as future fairytale novellas, available in this format, you can help by investing in existing paperbacks!


Cindy B said...

Congrats on the release of your book! That's amazing!

Suzannah said...

Thanks Cindy! It's pretty exciting :)

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. :)

"Mr. Chairman"

Suzannah said...

That sounds promising? I've never seen Miss Fisher (while I'm definitely tempted by the idea of an Australian flapper solving crimes, I also doubt I would see eye to eye with the show's themes) but I know lots of people enjoy it.


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