Friday, June 19, 2015

Announcing WAR GAMES: 2nd Edition!

This week I finally got around to a job I've been unable to touch for months: updating my book War Games: Classic Fiction for the Christian Life.

I have a soft spot for this book of mine. Second to writing fiction, my favourite thing is writing about fiction. I want to help everyone get the most out of the books they read. War Games was my chance to rave on about some of the greatest works of Christian fiction I've ever read, with the aim of leaving readers far better equipped to evaluate and benefit from the fiction they read. If what my readers say is to be believed, War Games was a success.

'A fantastic introduction to fiction for Christians. ...Recommended particularly if you're asking the question "Should I read fiction?"' - Joshua, Goodreads reviewer (and longtime friend)

'Folks, this is epic... If you struggle with picking out hidden themes like I do, War Games will explain and clarify a lot of the novels you've been enjoying." - Schuyler, My Lady Bibliophile

Family and church reformation as a cure for social ills. Christian boldness in the face of totalitarianism and modernism. Sacrificial love in the City of God. Sure, you’ve heard of these classic books already. You might even have seen the movies. But have you caught the vision?

Fiction with a solid Christian worldview drills us in right action and reaction in a host of different circumstances. It runs war games for the Christian life, showing how wisdom might apply in hypothetical scenarios. It prepares us for battle.

Journey through eighteen classic works of fiction from Beowulf and Njal’s Saga to Mansfield Park and The Lord of the Rings, discovering the exceptional wisdom hidden inside the world’s best-loved stories.

So what's new in the 2nd Edition?

I'm so glad you asked!
  • Fewer typos. Yes, this book had a few, but with the help of some extra pairs of eyes, I've eliminated most of them.
  • Shiny new interior design. Since publishing the 1st edition, I've taught myself to format both ebooks and paperbacks using professional methods. I've also done some reading in the fine art of typography. This is particularly visible in the paperback edition, which will look the same on the outside, but much smoother and prettier on the inside.
  • Suggested essay topics! These questions at the end of each chapter, ranging from simple to fiendish, can be used as essay topics, journalling inspiration, or study group conversation starters. Or they can be ignored completely. Use them as you will!

Great! Where can we get the book?

You can buy the updated Kindle edition just the same, at Amazon, for $2.99.
The 2nd edition paperback is live right now at Createspace for $10.99. It'll take a few weeks to become available through other channels, such as Amazon and The Book Depository.

In the meanwhile, if you already have a copy of the Kindle or paperback 1st edition, and would like a copy of the suggested essay topics, please email me and I'll be very happy to send you a copy of the essay topics.

Happy reading!

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Jamie W. said...

Oooh, shiny! I can't wait to see this edition. Sounds excellent!


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