Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Of Inspiration and Nerys the Fay

For the Pendragon's Heir release party today, I'm very privileged to be featuring on the following blogs:

Of Battles, Dragons, and Swords of Adamant, where I'll tell you how a Josephine Tey murder mystery, a Arthurian retelling for children, a medieval romance and a science fiction novel inspired Pendragon's Heir; and

Anything, Everything, where I'll introduce you to a favourite character, Nerys the Fay!
Like most young Victorian Englishwomen, Blanche Pendragon has a chaperone to keep her company and ensure she does nothing scandalous. But Nerys isn’t your typical Victorian lady’s-companion. For one thing, she hasn’t aged in decades. For another, the wardrobe in her room acts as the portal to a world of danger and adventure. 

Fleeing the hounds of Gore across the hills of Logres at midnight, Blanche learns the secret of Nerys’s people: exiled from a glory she can never regain, Nerys mourns for what she has lost. But unlike the rest of her people, she has chosen to take sides in the long war between light and darkness, driven by a hope against hope. 

Pendragon's Heir is finally here!
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