Saturday, March 21, 2015

Update on Pendragon's Heir!

So, a lot of people have been asking about the Pendragon's Heir release! Is it available yet? Where's the preorder link? When can we read it already?

Whoa! It's coming! The release date is just under a week away:

March 26, 2015
Pendragon's Heir releases!

I confidently predict that it's going to be epic. Not only will you finally be able to read my baby, there'll also be a whole week's worth of release party fun, in which I'll be guest-posting on a number of different blogs with all the juicy backstage details on characters, plots, inspiration, and the like!
Which leads up to the second question...

What about pre-order?

And there, folks, is the not-so-good news. I submitted the Kindle edition for pre-order last week, it sat in review for 24 hours...and Kindle Direct Publishing blocked my request. Customer service hasn't been able to tell me just what the problem is yet, which I take as a good sign, since it can't be anything big or glaring. However, this does mean that the status of the Kindle edition is a little uncertain while I wait for KDP to sort itself out. In the interim, I got into gear and formatted a Smashwords edition. It's too late to release that on preorder by now. So...folks, there isn't going to be a preorder.

What there will be, Lord willing, is a release going ahead as planned. The paperback passed its review process with flying colours and is all set to release on CreateSpace; you'll be able to buy it from there, and thence, after a few days, it will pop up on Amazon and the Book Depository. The ebook will also release as planned, on Smashwords for sure, and on Kindle whenever it pleaseth God, but hopefully soon!

What readers are saying

In the meantime, you might enjoy reading some of the advance chatter I've been hearing from reviewers!

"I am terribly hard to please when it comes to the Pendragon and his knights, my childhood heroes. ...I certainly didn't expect to be swept back to my youthful dreams, to re-dream them in the joyous light of an imagination drenched in the colours of the middle ages."--Goodreads reviewer Christina

"The hardest part of reviewing a book that you love is finding words eloquent enough to express how much you enjoyed it."--My Lady Bibliophile

"The book is essentially a retelling of the story of Camelot, and therefore an exploration of the elusive, tragically costly, yet beautiful vision of building a city of light upon earth" --blogger Anna Ilona Mussman

See you all on March 26th!


Jamie W. said...

Thanks for letting your readers know! I am definitely buying the book, though I was waiting for the release date anyway (I'm slightly paranoid about pre-ordering for precisely this among other reasons). Besides, waiting for THE DAY is more fun. :-)

I've enjoyed your blog so much that I am most excited for your book.

Suzannah said...

Good to know, Jamie. I hope you enjoy it!

Kim Marsh said...

Best of luck Susannah. You are treading in some big footsteps but whatever the commercial outcome I hope you feel it worth the effort. Kind regards Kim.


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