Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pendragon's Heir Release!

Pendragon's Heir is finally here!

And here's where to buy it!

Smashwords // Ebook

Find Pendragon's Heir in a range of formats suitable for most devices (including Kindle!) here.

In a few days, the ebook should also show up on Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, &c, &c. Amazon is still uncertain, so if you have a Kindle, I'd recommend grabbing the Smashwords edition.

Createspace // Paperback

Find Pendragon's Heir in a lovely paperback here.

The paperback is also available through Amazon. International readers will be able to find it on The Book Depository within a month or two; I'll send out word by social media when that happens!

Happy reading!

I'm so excited about this book, and am looking forward to discussing it with you all! Feel free to tweet reactions to @suzannahtweets with the hashtag #PendragonsHeir (no spoilers please!).

Meanwhile, we have much release-date celebration occurring around the blogosphere. First up will be an interview with the lovely Anne Elisabeth Stengl, author of the Tales of Goldstone Wood series. Around the same time, I'll head over to Rachel Heffington at The Inkpen Authoress to discuss the ingredients of the Pendragon's Heir romance! Finally, a bit later on today, my good friend and ace beta reader Christina Baehr of Baehrly Reading will be posting a chatty interview delving deep into some of the behind-the-scenes of Pendragon's Heir--you won't want to miss this!

More to follow--watch this space!


Joy said...

Yayy, congratulations, Suzannah! This is a truly thrilling thing :D. I am really excited about this :). Though I might actually wait until it is available on Book Depositry - that would be quite money saving, really, with the cost of postage being what it is! ^_^

Looking forward to all the blog tour posts/interviews, etc. And also, I look forward to talking with you about it when I read Pendragon's Heir soon, God willing :).

God bless!

Rachel Heffington said...

Congratulations, Suzannah! It's done! <3

Suzannah said...

Thanks! It's exciting that everyone gets to read it finally :)

Anonymous said...

A couple-day belated congratulations!

David Llewellyn Dodds


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