Sunday, March 29, 2015

Meet Perceval!

Today, I'm featuring over at The Art of Storytelling with a blog feature on one of the two major protagonists of Pendragon's Heir, Sir Perceval of Wales, a super fun character I very much enjoyed writing!
Born in a cave, clothed in skins, raised far from civilisation, Perceval seems an unlikely candidate for knighthood. But when the wild boy of Wales comes to Camelot to become a knight like his father, he’s quickly hailed as the flower of chivalry, acknowledged as the son of the King’s most loyal knight, and entrusted with the safety of the King’s own daughter.

As a knight of the Round Table, a guardian of Logres against the forces of darkness, Perceval knows he is almost certainly destined for an early death in battle. His new life of adventure, fellowship, and glory is its own reward, however, and the price is one he’s prepared to pay.

But is he prepared to face the evil lurking within Logres itself?
Read the rest at The Art of Storytelling today!

Pendragon's Heir is now available!
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Jamie W. said...

I'm enjoying the blog party, diligently reading all the posts (may one say 'diligent' when having so much fun?), and waiting for the book to arrive! Congratulations on its publication, and thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Suzannah said...

Glad you're enjoying the party, Jamie! I hope you enjoy the book :)

Unknown said...

It was so awesome to host our meeting with Perceval, Suzannah. Now having read the book, I can say respectfully that I adore him and Blanche. : D

Suzannah said...

Allison, splendid! I'm so glad!


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