Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Meet Blanche!

Today for the Pendragon's Heir release party, I'm on Fulness of Joy, introducing you all to one of the two main protagonists: Blanche Pendragon!

Almost from the beginning, I knew I wanted to do something a bit different with Blanche's character...
I was always fascinated when I stumbled across a good action movie—the Bourne films, for instance—in which the female characters did not join in the fighting. I had read Robert McKee’s Story, and I knew that film is an unforgiving medium: anything not directly related to the resolution of the plot must be left on the cutting-room floor. Clearly, keeping the ladies out of the fighting put a huge burden on the filmmakers to justify their existence in some other way—and that, it seemed, was when they really became characters in their own right.

So I set myself a challenge.

I was going to write a thrilling tale of action and adventure in medieval Arthurian Britain featuring a female protagonist—not a sidekick, not a love interest, but a protagonist—who would have trouble knowing one end of a sword from another. 
How did I do it, and why is Christine de Pisan's medieval French book The Treasury of the City of Ladies the most awesome thing since buttered toast? Check out Fulness of Joy to find out!

Pendragon's Heir is finally here!
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