Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pendragon's Heir: Release Date Announcement

So, the latest news on Pendragon's Heir is that I've heard back from my last lot of beta readers, I'm doing one last quick polish before Christmas, and we have a release date!

Pendragon's Heir

Suzannah Rowntree
26 March, 2015

Blanche Pendragon enjoys her undemanding life as the ward of an eccentric nobleman in 1900 England. It's been years since she even wondered what happened to her long lost parents, but then a gift on the night of her eighteenth birthday reveals a heritage more dangerous and awe-inspiring than she ever dreamed of--or wanted. Soon Blanche is flung into a world of wayfaring immortals, daring knights, and deadly combats, with a murderous witch-queen on her trail and the future of a kingdom at stake. As the legendary King Arthur Pendragon and his warriors face enemies without and treachery within, Blanche discovers a secret that could destroy the whole realm of Logres. Even if the kingdom could be saved, is she the one to do it? Or is someone else the Pendragon's Heir?

Author Bio

When Suzannah Rowntree isn’t travelling the world to help out friends in need, she lives in a big house in rural Australia with her awesome parents and siblings, trying to beat her previous number-of-books-read-in-a-year record. She blogs the results at and is the author of two non-fiction books, The Epic of Reformation: A Guide to the Faerie Queene and War Games: Classic Fiction for the Christian Life. Pendragon’s Heir, her debut novel, springs from her lifelong love of medieval literature.

Alea jacta est, as the Romans used to say in Asterix.


Christina Baehr said...

Aghghgh!!! How can I wait unil March?! When can we see the full cover?

Suzannah said...

:D The full cover is still receiving tweaks and updates; I'm hoping to show you all sometime in February.


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