Saturday, August 16, 2014

Announcing PENDRAGON'S HEIR by Suzannah Rowntree

It's hard to know exactly what to say. After bleeding so many of them out into pixels, I'm stuck for words. It's not that I'm not super excited for this project, because I am--I think you're all going to love it--but now that the time comes to reveal the thing, I'm not so much bouncing up and down as tossing it out in one direction and then trying to sneak off in the other direction before anyone notices. So here goes.

I'm writing a novel.

by Suzannah Rowntree 
Blanche Pendragon enjoys her undemanding life as the ward of an eccentric nobleman in 1900 England. It's been years since she even wondered what happened to her long lost parents, but then a gift on the night of her eighteenth birthday reveals a heritage more awe-inspiring and more dangerous than she ever dreamed of--or wanted. Soon Blanche is flung into a world of wayfaring immortals, daring knights, and deadly combats, with a murderous witch-queen on her trail and the future of a kingdom at stake. As the legendary King Arthur Pendragon and his warriors face enemies without and treachery within, Blanche discovers a secret that could destroy the whole realm of Logres. Even if the kingdom could be saved, is she the one to do it? Or is someone else the Pendragon's Heir?
I've always preferred to keep my writing exercises kind of quiet. After all, I don't want to unleash anything on you all before it's utterly perfect ready. Well, now I can see "ready" on the horizon. I'm hoping to self-publish Pendragon's Heir sometime in the next six months, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

Some Q&A

How long has this novel been in the works?
The first draft was made, like the cosmos, in six days in 2005--though it wasn't anywhere near as impressive at that stage! I've worked at it on and off ever since, including spending the whole of 2013 rewriting the whole thing from scratch for the third time. I let it rest for the first half of this year while I worked on other projects, and now I'm doing a stiff edit of the most recent draft.

What genre is the book?
It's a fantasy set in 1900 Gloucestershire and Arthurian Britain. 

What authors have influenced Pendragon's Heir the most?
All my favourites, but particularly GK Chesterton and Charles Williams.

Will there be a sequel?
Nope! This is a standalone.

What do you have planned for after Pendragon's Heir?
I have a few ideas for things I'd like to do next, but I haven't done any solid work on them at this point. That will have to wait until I've finished this book!

For more news on Pendragon's Heir, keep watching this space! As I work through final edits and the publishing process, I'll be sure to keep you all updated with my progress, and to share some snippets, character profiles, and so on. Till next time! 


Jenny Freitag said...

Oh, nothing important, just - LITERARY BOMB.

I am very excited for this novel! Having become acquainted with you only very recently, I had no idea you were scribbling anything let alone getting ready to publish a full-length novel. Funny that just this morning I was reflecting on how life constantly surprises you... Pendragon's Heir sounds fantastic and I am definitely looking forward to reading it. And even helping with its release. ^_^

Anna Mussmann said...

This is indeed exciting! Such a promising sounding premise, too.

CGrace said...

What an exciting-sounding book! I will be on the lookout for this. Writing a book sounds like such a daunting process. I am amazed that you did/are doing this! And set in 1900 Gloucestershire? Perfect!

Suzannah said...

I'm so glad you all feel excited about my I hope it lives up to your expectations!

Jenny, you're very kind! Thanks so much for your offer of help and I only hope it gives you some of the same enjoyment I got from Plenilune!

Anonymous said...

A tantalizing glimpse! And, influence of Charles Williams! Any guest appearance by the young Julian Davenant (or is he out of reach in copyright, for more than the next six months)?

What self-publishing options are you entertaining (if that is not an impertinent question)? Any hope for paper-lovers, such as myself?

All good wishes for all the remaining work!

David Llewellyn Dodds

Suzannah said...

David, certainly it'll be available as a paperback. My two currently available non-fiction books are also available in paperback format, by the way :)

Anonymous said...

Hurray! Thanks - I followed the image to ebooks at Amazon, rather than clicking "My Books" - where I now see it tells about the paperback editions!


David Llewellyn Dodds

jayshree bhagat said...

very excited to read this


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