Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some Announcements

You know how life is. You publish an ebook through Amazon's Kindle Store, intending to make it available as soon as possible in other formats and maybe do a physical edition with Createspace, and then all of a sudden you have an international conference tour to organise, and then you get called over to visit the USA for three months, and then you get pneumonia, and...before you know it a year has gone by.
The old, old story.

Well, I'm back, and now The Epic of Reformation: A Guide to the Faerie Queene is available in a whole new array of formats!

The Smashwords Edition

I'm excited about this one.  Don't have a Kindle? Me neither. Well, now you can get The Epic of Reformation in just about any format--EPUB, PDF, or even TXT--from Smashwords. Want to read it on your Kobo? Want to read it on your Nook? Want to print it out and put it in a ring binder? Here you go!

The CreateSpace Edition

OK, I'm even more excited about this one. CreateSpace is Amazon's print-on-demand service, and now you can buy The Epic of Reformation as a paperback! The price is a little higher at $6.99, but it's all about the options.

The Amazon Kindle Edition

And as always, there's the Amazon Kindle option if that suits you best!


Those of you who follow the blog Ladies Against Feminism may be interested to know that I've begun writing regular contributions for the website. I'm really excited about this opportunity and hope that it is a great blessing to readers!


And one more thing. I'm working on a new book. This one will be a selection of expanded and revised reviews of the most visionary, inspiring, encouraging, and edifying fiction I've found in a lifetime of reading voraciously. I hope to finish it within a month or two. Follow Vintage Novels on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated!


Christina Baehr said...

Very exciting! How do I find your articles on LAF? I had a quick look, but authorship is very unclear, and I couldn't find a search function.

Suzannah said...

Here's a link. More articles should be forthcoming over time ;)


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