Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ebook: The Epic of Reformation, by me

It's my very great pleasure to launch an ebook, The Epic of Reformation: A Guide to The Faerie Queene, which is a slightly updated and revised edition of the Faerie Queene Feature Week I ran here in January.

"The Faerie Queene is English Lit’s best-kept secret. Not only is it a series of epic quest stories sprinkled liberally with battles, gore, monsters, and romance; it’s also a series of profound meditations on the Christian life and virtues, and on top of that, the whole thing symbolises Reformation theology and politics.

"The epic comes in six and a half books each depicting a private Christian virtue as embodied in a knight who has been sent on some terrible quest by the Faerie Queene of the title, Gloriana. The Faerie Queene mixes great storytelling with great doctrines, physicality with spirituality, song with theology, allegory with politics. The result is fiercely meek, graciously sensuous, lyrically grotesque, and boisterously orthodox—just like the Puritans themselves. Within its pages there are doctrines and insights the world has forgotten or only half-remembers—just like the Reformation itself. And it is not just a guide to the political and theological landscape of Reformation England; it’s a map to future reformation.

"Dim the lights. Pass the popcorn, the opera-glasses, and the power-ballad cigarette lighter—we’ll need them all. Let the fierce wars and faithful loves begin."

Now you can get my guide to The Faerie Queene in handy ebook form!  

Get it on Kindle for just $2.99.

Or, even if you've only read the original blog series, feel free to leave a review on Amazon.

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Lady Bibliophile said...

Congratulations!! :D What a very exciting accomplishment!

I'm going to pick it up shortly. :)


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