Friday, March 29, 2013

A Little PSA

Friends, Vintage Novels readers, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

Thanks for making the first few years of Vintage Novels such an enjoyable experience. I've really enjoyed providing you all with opinionated reviews and it's been lovely and very instructive hearing back from you all in the comments section, on Facebook, and in person.

Recently, I've been thinking about the possible opportunities for Vintage Novels in the blog-o-sphere, and the upshot is that I've decided to do some renovations and throw out a couple of wings. You'll probably notice some things changing around here over the next few weeks as I alter, tweak, replace, and extend. Then I hope to have some rather exciting new features coming as well. But don't panic--it'll be over soon.

If any of my readers have comments on the blog's layout, things I can do to improve your Vintage Novels experience, or suggestions for the future, I'd love to hear them.

Thanks to all of you.



Unknown said...

Ok, I'll 'bear' with you!

Lady Bibliophile said...

I'm loving your changes thus far, Suzannah, and can't wait to see more! Your "About page is especially well-written, and captures the focus of your blog quite nicely. :)

Christina Baehr said...

Yay for blue! Very easy on the eye.

Unknown said...

Yes it is really good!

Joseph Jalsevac said...

I love your new design. I must admit, I have a nagging fear that the internet will go down one day and I will be cut off from this blog. How will I know what to read for the rest of my life?


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