Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Veritas Press Promotion/Giveaway

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled vintage novels to do a plug for Veritas Press, one of my favourite book suppliers. Veritas Press caters to Christian home educators, especially to those interested in classical education.

One of the hallmarks of a classical education is the "great books" approach--instead of reading about the great books the classical approach will have you reading the great books themselves!

Veritas Press specializes in providing educational materials for a classical Christian education in Christian schools and home schools.
We seek to provide the best home school and Christian school curriculum available. Whether is be phonics, studying the Bible, history, or the great books studied in the Omnibus curriculum, we trust you will be blessed in extraordinary ways by your use of Veritas materials.
Readers of my blog who are interested in great reading material cannot do better than have a good browse through the Veritas catalogue!

A propos of the catalogue, here's the REALLY exciting news: Veritas Press is doing a huge promotional drive right now. Enter your email, and you'll get a $5 gift certificate. Entice other friends to do so (just as I am doing now) and you'll get more! What better way to sample the delights of that catalogue, stuffed as it is with great classics, tried-and-true stories, and only the best in homeschooling curricula!

Click here to start!

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