Sunday, October 23, 2011

Feature Week: Vintage Movies

In the first half of the twentieth century, just as there were many worthwhile books to read, there were also many worthwhile movies to see. Many of the reasons I read older books also apply to movies. As with books, the limits of the respectable meant a higher overall moral standard—so while older movies do tend to be laced with double-entendre, they do not tend to include anything worse. Also in the age before gigantic special effects, movies needed to rely on drama and wit to keep people interested; so they also tend to include little in the way of violence and gore. And, of course, we now have the benefit of time and perspective. Movies that haven't stood the test of time have faded into obscurity.
Unfortunately, many of the good movies are also at risk of fading into obscurity. This is a blog for vintage novels, not vintage movies, so I cannot possibly mention all the worthwhile vintage movies in one short week!. I will, however, have the opportunity to discuss some of my favourites, showing particular regard for more obscure movies.

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