Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's Have A Poem By PG Wodehouse

PG Wodehouse, the greatest comic writer in the English language, is mainly known as a pillar of Britishness, but what few people know is that he spent some time honing his writing skills in partnership with the composer Jerome Kern in the musical-comedy business. This is one of the songs he wrote (attended by a somewhat comical medieval manuscript--take a closer look at those two damsels on the top left).


Oh, it makes me sort of sad
To think about Sir Galahad
And all the knights of that romantic day:
To amuse a girl and charm her
They would climb into their armour
And jump into the fray:
They called her "Lady love'',
They used to wear her little glove,
And everything that she said went:
For those were the days when a lady was a lady
And a gent was a perfect gent.

Some nights when the knights sat down to dine,
Sir Claude would say: "That girl of mine
Makes every woman jealous when she sees her.''
Then someone else would shout: "Behave,
Thou malapert and scurvy knave,
Or I will smite thee one upon the beezer!''
And then next morning in the lists
They'd take their lances in their fists
And mount a pair of chargers, highly mettled:
And when Sir Claude, so fair and young,
Got punctured in the leg or lung,
They looked upon the argument as settled.

The days of Chivalry are dead,
Of which in stories I have read,
When knights were bold and acted kind of scrappy;
They used to take a lot of pains
And fight all day to please the Janes,
And if their dame was tickled they was happy.
But now the men are mild and meek:
They seem to have a yellow streak:
They never lay for other guys, to flatten 'em:
They think they've done a darned fine thing
If they just buy the girl a ring
Of imitation diamonds and platinum.
--PG Wodehouse

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Anonymous said...

That's a great song. Wodehouse was fantastic!


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