Saturday, March 26, 2011

Interview with Me!

First, I have to apologise for missing a post on Wednesday. The time I spent not composing a review was spent reading Biggles Buries a Hatchet. Oops! I meant to say, John of Salisbury's Policraticus! In the original Latin!

Second, my friend Miss Charis Ellison has a craft blog, and is doing a craft challenge--she's making something for twelve people this year, and I count myself fortunate enough to be among them, as Charis has never met the craft she couldn't conquer with a few hours' steely determination, from a complete Renaissance wardrobe to oh-so-stylish silhouette portraits.

I mention this in particular because March is the month she sends me a craft, and she interviewed me for that purpose. So pop on over to A Grey-Eyed Girl to read me talking about my favourite subject-- ME. I also recall that I promised to write a poem for her on whatever she sends me, so once the mystery parcel arrives I suppose I can start composing...

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