Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Poem: Christian Confidence by Dùghall Buchanan

It's been a while since we've had a Friday Poem, and I was suddenly wondering why I've never posted this one! It's a wonderful hymn originally written in Scots Gaelic. I was introduced to it on the CD Soul Shelter by my friend (and regular Vintage Novels reader) Christina (nee) Sonnemann.

In the liner notes for her CD, Christina introduces the song briefly:

6. Highland Hymn
Traditional Scottish melody/ Dùghall Buchanan (1716-176-?)
A Highland poet and a self-educated preacher (known as "the John Bunyan of the Highlands"), Buchanan assisted in translating the New Testament into Scottish Gaelic. The unique beauty of Buchanan's poetry is considered to be untranslatable into English. This may be the first recording of this hymn, originally Earbs' a Chriosduidh (Christian Confidence). In 1888 the hymn was set to 'an ancient Gaelic air' in Songs and Hymns of the Scottish Highlands.

Christian Confidence
by Dùghall Buchanan

Lord, if Thou plantest me in Christ,
In bloom shall burst my withered tree.
Weighed down to earth its boughs shall be
With graces as with fruits unpriced.

Oh, grant an earnest of Thy love,
Which shall me from life's terrors save,
And all the horrors of the grave.
And raise my thoughts to heaven above.

Then let the billows rise in pride.
Let thunders through the heavens roar,
Come earthquakes, plagues, and famines sore.
Dispensing death on every side ;

Be Thou the God of my poor soul,
Their friendship I shall then enjoy ;
No sea can drown, nor plague destroy.
Nor fire burn, but with Thy control.

While Thou hast power in Thine arm,
From every ill I am secure,
And as my God can ne'er be poor,
Want cannot cause my soul alarm.

My hope, desire, and fear for aye
Shall in my God concentred dwell,
For heaven and earth and lowest hell
Shall my Almighty King obey.

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This is one brilliant poem, i really like the tone of submission in it. And being a literature student it reminded me of all the vintage poems and elizabethen period classics.


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