Saturday, January 22, 2011

Feature Week: The Theology of Stories

I am thrilled to announce the start of our second feature week, The Theology of Stories.
As you know, last October's Feature Week was all about John Buchan, one of my favourite authors. Two of my friends were convinced to try some Buchan after that, and are now eager fans! I call that a roaring success, and hope my public will enjoy The Theology of Stories just as much, or even better.
Christians today are anxious to have an impact on their culture, in many cases dedicating their lives to reclaiming and redeeming the arts and sciences. Stories, which are told through the arts of writing, drama, and more, are foundationally important to all cultures. How should we think of stories? When, and how can they be redeemed and used to glorify God? Among other questions I tackle next week, you can expect to find musings on:
  • Are stories necessary?
  • What is the role of the imagination in God's created world?
  • Are there any fundamentally anti-Christian story forms or genres?
  • Must a story explicitly preach a Christian message?
  • Should Christians write and read fantasy?
  • What is the difference between a humanistic hero and a Christlike hero?
I will be taking especial notice of famed recent Christian fantasists Tolkien and Lewis. Check back on Monday for the first in this series, a review of Planet Narnia by Michael Ward!

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