Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And Now For Something From Me

It's the first of December, and being struck by a substantial helping of the Christmas spirit, I sat down to compose a carol. It got out of hand, but seeing as the last successful poem I wrote was "I Wish I Was A Smuggler" from two years ago, I call this a step in the right direction.

by Suzannah Rowntree
(Copyright reserved)

Who is this King coming up like the sun?
He is bringing back spring and the winter's undone
He is wearing a cloak made of scarlet so red
He is wearing a crown of sharp thorns on his head.

Who is this King standing tall as the oak?
He is reigning on high ere the stars first awoke
He is laughing with laughter that anchors the lands
He is carrying bread and sweet wine in his hands.

Who is this King flanked by lamb and by lion?
He is veiled with flesh now and coming to Zion
He is held in the arms of a lady so sweet
She is mantled by Sol with Selene at her feet.

Who is this King nailed high on a tree?
He is dying in torment to set the world free
He is healing the earth for his glorious name
Redeeming his queen to his own blessed fame.

Who is this King coming up out of Hell?
He has harrowed its depths and he's broken its spell
And the daybreak has come and the shadows are flown
And the High King of Heaven has called us his own.


Christina Baehr said...

Beautiful! Explain the Selene allusion?

Suzannah said...

Thanks! The fourth line of the third verse refers to the passage in Revelation 12:1 ff, which depicts a woman commonly understood to be Mary, standing on the moon and clothed in the sun. "Sol" is the medieval-cosmological name for the Sun, and since "Luna" didn't fit the metre, I used the Greek equivalent of that Roman title for the Moon, which is...Selene!


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