Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome to Vintage Novels!

Hello, and welcome to my little blog. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Aussie, I was homeschooled, and I love old books. I love dramatic sword fights. I love mustache-twirling villains. I love melodrama and a bit of romance. And most of all, I love being able to read deliciously adventuresome books online, for free.

This blog is dedicated to all those bestsellers of yesterday--all those thrilling adventures, those implausible plots, those swashbuckling heroes and feisty heroines. Above all it is dedicated to the public domain. I intend mostly to concentrate on books available for free online; vintage novels tend otherwise only to be available for $120 from a small shop in Reykjavik. I don't want to be always singing the praises of books you can't get for love or money.

The lover of vintage novels has a few invaluable resources online. The first is, of course, Project Gutenberg, the largest repository of free public-domain ebooks in the world. Arthur's Classic Novels links to many Gutenberg-prepared novels, but provides a system that's easier on the eye, and provides some information on bestsellers per year.

Finally, allow me to introduce Librivox to you--a collection of free, public-domain ebooks which makes the reading of vintage books that little bit more feasible to those of you who can't stand reading off a computer screen! Their 'Prisoner of Zenda' is particularly good.

Do enjoy...

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