Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Housekeeping

Thanks for dropping in! Just to let you know that I'm still tweaking the look of the blog & would like to customise it a bit further, so if you come along one morning and the whole thing looks totally different, it's just me experimenting!

And while I've got your attention, here are two more fantastic book links for when you absolutely must have a hard copy of your own!

Abebooks –My favourite internet bookshop, this is the quick and easy way to find the book you want, usually for the lowest possible price. It catalogues books from secondhand and new booksellers all over the world, so chances are you can even search the catalogues of booksellers in your area without even leaving home.

Bookmooch –Now this is a really neat idea, a directory of free-to-a-good-home used books from all over the world. You put up your collection of used books and when people “mooch” from you, you send them the book and acquire points in exchange. Then you use your points to mooch off other people! All you pay is the postage to wherever in the world you have to send your books (though you can opt-out of sending internationally). While it can be hard to find popular or really obscure books, some of my best acquisitions have come from Bookmooch—a gorgeous coffee-table illustrated version of the Kalevala, two Richard Hannay omnibuses, GK Chesterton's Orthodoxy, and of course the book I mooched on a whim which ended up becoming one of my favourites, LM Montgomery's The Blue Castle.

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